7 Outdoor Entertaining Tips

With summer season in full swing, it’s time to take the entertaining outside to fully enjoy the warm weather and sunshine while it lasts! Below are seven tips for helping you prep for having guests over and how to make them feel right at home, without losing the carefree summer vibe.


Make the Seating Comfortable

The backyard is for relaxing so make the seating comfortable with plush, cushioned outdoor chairs, pillows, and poufs.


Mix & Match Dinnerware

Keep the vibe casual and easy-going with mismatched but coordinating dinnerware, cutlery, and serving dishes. Opt for plastic dishes, too, that aren’t too precious but will stand up to the regular use and outdoor environment.


Keep the Menu Simple

The best food to serve is seasonally inspired and simple to make; think fruit salad, favourite summer drinks, burgers, ice cream, and other foods that don’t require a lot of attention or slaving away in the kitchen.


Don’t Let Food Sit Out

Follow the 1-2 hour rule: never let food sit out in the sun and heat for more than 2 hours on a cooler day or 1 hour on a hotter day. You don’t want anyone to get sick!


Decorate Simply

A beautiful floral arrangement of summer blooms is enough to dress up your outdoor table. Maybe hang some cafe or string lights along the fence and add some candles for evening ambiance; add an outdoor rug to define the eating or seating areas and throw some coordinating pillows on your chairs.


Keep Bugs at Bay

Use citronella candles, incense, and/or bug spray to avoid bug bites and keep mosquitoes off the guest list!


Always Have a Backup Plan

The weather could change in an instant, so be prepared in case of rain, extreme heat, humidity, or other unavoidable acts of nature that could ruin outdoor plans.



Outdoor entertaining should be fun and easy. Don’t overthink the menu or decorations and focus on making your guests feel as comfortable as possible!


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