Challenge: A Month of Gratitude

Gratitude. The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines gratitude as “the state of being grateful : thankfulness”. So, how many of us actually live in this “state of gratitude”?

It’s easy to list of a bunch of “thankful for..” classics at the Thanksgiving table; it’s a bit more challenging to actively live out gratitude in the daily grind. Rush-hour traffic, doctor appointments, work deadlines, monthly bills, family quarrels, a new wrinkle…

If we were honest, we’d probably admit that we spend more time grumbling than being grateful, which is why taking time out for a Thanksgiving Day is a needful reminder to keep things in perspective. But what would happen if we turned the habit of grumbling into the habit of being grateful?

Just Google “gratitude and health” and you’ll see a whole list of articles and studies supporting the positive physical benefits that gratitude has on our health. Everything from pain relief to better sleep, improved energy and increased productivity can be attributed to or enhanced by an attitude of gratitude. Grateful people also tend to be happier people. And happier people are more fun to be around which leads to better, stronger relationships, more friends, and a wider network. Gratitude affects every area of our lives – emotional, mental, physical, and social. So, logically, if we put on more “gratitude”, more often, we’d experience a transformative affect on our career, relationships, and health – almost simultaneously! Seems like motivation enough to break the grumbling habit!

Depending on who you believe, it takes anywhere from 21 days to 2 months to form a new habit. To keep it simple and land somewhere in between, let’s do a 31-day gratitude challenge to see if there are any benefits to being grateful. Every day this month, find one specific thing to be grateful for that day. The key is to be specific; generalization is not gratitude and doesn’t reap the benefits of genuine and focused thankfulness. I’ll be sharing my daily gratitudes as highlighted stories on the blog’s Instagram account (@prettyfilesblog) and I invite you to join me in sharing the gratitude! Use #trulygratefultoday so I can follow along!

Today I’ve posted my daily gratitude on @prettyfilesblog to start off the 31-day challenge. Follow along and let’s see how (if!) our health, relationships, productivity, and attitude improve along the way!


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