DIY Canvas Bin

You may have seen storage bins similar to these in decor magazines and on the internet. I know they caught my eye, and I always thought I’d give it a go a try making one for myself.



I was thrilled to come across this DIY tutorial from House and Home detailing the steps to creating your own canvas storage bin! Following the steps illustrated here, I put some extra canvas to use and was pretty pleased with the result!



I made a smaller version that is more suitable for desktop use holding knick-knacks and art supplies. I also used hot glue instead of the recommended marine glue, which made the project hardly a few minutes! Stick with the strong glue, however, if you plan to use the bins (or bags) for heavy-duty use.

(I thought the vase sticking out of the bag looked interesting, but of course, you could use the same idea and hide the vase completely!)

In all, I was impressed with how simple and easy these bins/bags were to make. They would make a great idea to put potted plants in and use as a table centrepiece or to keep writing supplies neat and organized in a stylish way on your desk! I’m contemplating making a large-scale one for use as a garbage bin (or, to cover up a garbage bin, at least!) Give it a try and see what creative uses you can get out of this versatile DIY! (Feel free to share!)




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