End of Summer Deals to Watch Out For

Summer is drawing to a close and while that may cause a bit of panic, bargain hunters know that this means sales season is starting up, with deals beginning in the next couple weeks and popping up on and off until Christmas with end-of-summer sales, back-to-school sales, Black Friday/Cyber Monday weeks, and Christmas sales coming up.

So, with end-of-summer deals happening first, what should you be looking to snag? We’ve rounded up our top picks to add to your watch list.


Outdoor Furniture & Patio Sets

Big furniture and bulky pieces are items that retailers would rather sell at discount than have to store over the off-season. Take advantage of some great savings, enjoy your buys for a bit into the fall and look forward to a nice new patio set come next summer.


Summer Clothing

August brings a slew of sales in the clothing department, from swimsuits and beach apparel to summer dresses and flip flops. Many pieces can be worn for the next couple months and layered with fall items for immediate use.



Black Friday isn’t the only time to scoop up deals on computers, electronics, and devices. Back-to-school sales can match these savings and prep you for the new school year…and save you from lining up before dawn and fighting the crowds.


Back to School Supplies

The closer to the start of the school year you wait, the greater the savings. And, if you can hold off until after school has begun you’ll snag even better bargains.


Summer Sports Equipment

Look for summer sporting equipment and games to go on sale as retailers make room for winter sporting equipment.


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