Fall Goal List

16 Things To Do, See, & Try This Season

I don’t know about you, but I’m a “shoulder” season kind of girl – I like the spring and fall months best. So when the heat of summer begins to give way to cooler nights and crisper days I begin to look forward to sweater weather, apple picking, and pie baking! Whenever a new season begins, I like to make a “goal list” of things I’d like to do, places I dream of going, and activities I hope to try during the upcoming months. I don’t usually nail them all, but visualizing my goals and wishes gives me something to look forward to and plan for each month. Not to mention that I really like crossing items off a list!!!


Here is what made my goal list for this fall:

1. Apple picking – There is an amazing apple orchard near to where I live. They have the best apples, hands-down; orchard apples just taste different from the store-bought variety! I also love supporting local businesses and getting to know my (sort-of) neighbours.

2. Take fall foliage photos – Fall is one of the best times of the year to capture the beauty of nature and I love the vivid colour contrasts as the trees change!

3. Pie baking – Apple pie, pumpkin pie, mixed berry pie, pie pops, mini pies, pie bars – there’s a pie idea for every day of the season! Keep an eye out as I’ll be sharing my favourite recipes on the blog!

4. Farmer’s markets – Although there are farmers’ markets every weekend throughout the summer, it’s during the fall when the fullest bounty of produce is available. Perfect inspiration for a farm-to-table dinner party!

5. Back to school sale shopping – Okay, so back-to-school was not the most wonderful time of the year for me. I never could turn down an opportunity to go shopping, though! There was nothing more exciting than a brand new pack of crayons, new shoes, a new backpack, new binders, new pens… The novelty wore off after the first couple hours of school, but the goods made the transition a bit easier!

6. Pumpkin carving – A fall-time classic activity. This year, I’d like to try something more decorative and pretty, like a floral pattern or lattice-like image.

7. S’mores party – Doing it around a fire pit with a gourmet selection of toppings makes for a memorable way to close out the summer!

8. Weekend trip at a local B&B – While jet-setting is glamorous, there are many quaint and charming local getaways just waiting to be discovered. I have my eye on Prince Edward County, Niagara-on-the-Lake, the Bruce Peninsula, and the Blue Mountains. There are also special events such as Culture Days and Doors Open Ontario which provide free opportunities for unique day trip experiences.

9. Fall photo shoot – When you’ve got the cutest niece (and another niece/nephew on the way!) you’re always looking for perfect photo shoot opportunities and fall is one of the easiest seasons to get some greats shots!

10. Unplug and take a nature walk – I’m not an anti-social-media, anti-technology, anti-phone kind of person (I am a web and graphic designer, after all), but screen time can often interfere with our ability to fully enjoy the moment and absorb what is going on around us. And with so much natural beauty just outside my door, I don’t want to miss a moment!

11. Knit a chunky blanket – Although it’s been years since I knitted, these uber cozy, chunky knit blankets are inspiring me to give it another go!

12. Make a batch of homemade chili or soup – Cooler weather calls for warmer eats! I’m looking forward to trying some new twists on classic favourites and a few all-new recipes which I can’t wait to share on the blog!

13. Decorate for fall – I love to decorate my office and spaces for fall. Spice-scented candles, cozy knit textures, wool plaid thows – all simple ways to add warmth and comfort to your living spaces!

14. Prep for winter with a fall deep clean – Time to hygge! While fall does mean that winter is coming(!), there is something delightful about cozying up and prepping for hibernation. I thoroughly enjoy the process of deep cleaning and decluttering my living spaces, making them a place of comfort and retreat during my least favourite months of the year!

15. Score Black Friday dealsThe most wonderful time of the year! I’ll be posting my favourite sales and deals to take advantage of, so stick close as sale season gets into full swing!!!

16. Prep my garden for next spring – To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow…and that spring will come again! That can be a challenge to remember mid-winter, but prepping my garden and planting bulbs for next spring gets me in the mindset of anticipating warmer days.


So, I’ve shared 16 items from my goals list and hopefully inspired you to try something new this season! What are you looking forward to doing this fall? I’d love to find out … and maybe add something(s) more to my list!


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