Favourite Organizational Tools


Full confession – I’m a bit of an organizational nerd! There is nothing so beautiful to me as a clear desktop, a categorized closet arranged by colour and sleeve length, and a well-structured day. 

Needlesstosay, I’ve collected many favourite organizational tools to help make maintaining (my level of) organization a breeze and, below, I’ve shared a list of some of my favourites for both online and offline use. This is not a comprehensive list, but more of a curation of my personal favourites that I use regularly, if not daily. I hope that they will be a help to you, too!




Asana is my go-to planning software tool. I love how easy it is to schedule tasks, save links, and categorize to-do’s for each project. Although built with small business in mind, this tool could easily work for home management, event management, and a variety of other scheduling needs.


Pinterest is an amazing tool for organization, especially if you plan events, home decor, or weddings. It can also be a great source for outfit inspiration, holiday decor, party themes, and more! I love to use it for saving images and product links that I find online and viewing them to get a visual of whatever project I’m working.


Google Drive

Google Docs makes keeping all your Google-related files and Google Docs easier to access and organize. The sharing features are also handy for collaborating with clients, guests, family, and friends! Oh, and it’s free!


If you are a small business owner using social media for business purposes then you know how time-comsuming and complex managing all your social media accounts can be! Later is a great tool for streamlining the process of posting to and updating you accounts. You can create and schedule social media posts in advance and choose the times you’d like to automatically be posted in addition to viewing post analytics, switching bewtween multiple accounts, re-posting, and finding user-generated content.


Microsoft OneNote

Okay, so not totally “online”, but Microsoft Office tools are a great organizational resource for a variety of business, school, and personal uses.




I’m the type of person that if something doesn’t get written down, it doesn’t get done! My planner is essential to my day. I’ve developed my own planner system but there are plenty out there to choose from so there’s no excuse to not have something that tracks every appointment, deadline, meeting, kid’s practice, and whatever else finds its way onto your agenda!

Ultimate Life Planner by Designer Blogs



Yes, a good old fashioned notebook is one of my favourite organization tools! Nothing is so versatile and so easy to customize! I use a spiral notebook for all my daily planning as well as for jotting down inspirations and notes while I’m on-the-go.

Post It Notes

Sticky notes are so handy for jotting down to-dos, to-remembers, and to-gets; they also work to replace a notebook for smaller handbags. Their sticky factor is ideal for placing those reminders in places you can’t forget – like the side of your monitor, textbook covers, or on the car steering wheel!


These are a few of my favourite organization tools. What do you use to keep it all together? Do share in the coments below!


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