New Year Goals

A new year has begun and that begs the question – will you be making new year resolutions? It’s a bit of a controversial topic, with “new year’s resolutions” falling out of vogue in recent years. After all, the success rate is pretty dismal with over 80% of resolutions being abandoned by February! 

Although it may seem like a setup for failure, “new year’s resolutions” aren’t necessarily something to avoid altogether. After all, we make resolutions regularly – we just describe them as “goals” or “intentions” instead, and we tend to view them differently. Perhaps, if we viewed resolutions as goals to work towards over the long run, rather than hit or miss instantaneous achievements, we would see them in a new light.

I personally don’t set “new year’s resolution”, but I do make it a practice to review the past year, assess what I accomplished and where I need to improve, and start the new year with a handful of goals and intentions that I will focus on throughout the year until they are achieved or they have become a habit. The key is flexibility; life changes and so do we! Sometimes those goals lose their value or are altered by unforeseen circumstances. I give myself the allowance to pivot and choose a different direction when “life happens” so that the goals I set are less rigid.

So, what am I focusing on this year??? Perhaps some of my goals will inspire you!


Personal Growth

Personal growth is something that never really ends and it’s something that has different meaning for everyone. This year, I’m seeking to grow in the area of developing a positive mindset by changing my perspective. Not easy when you’re someone who naturally sees the obstacles and zones in on the problems. But some of the most beautiful moments of last year happened after I let go on my expectations and looked at the situation differently. Perspective is powerful; I might as well use it beneficially!


Learn New Things/Do What I’ve Been Putting Off

It’s so easy to get comfortable with what you do and how you do it. There’s an element of risk involved in trying new things, whether that’s learning a new language, visiting a new vacation spot, or testing a new recipe, and all of the above (and some!) are on my to do list this year! I’m looking to push myself into new areas of learning and finally tackle the bucket list items that I’ve toyed with accomplishing for a long time now.



This was something I intended to do last year…and didn’t. I didn’t get as much local discovery in, either. I do love travelling and the way it opens your eyes and helps you learn so much about yourself and others; now it’s time to step out of my comfort zone, get creative, and find ways to discover what’s out there!



How much did you invest in yourself last year? How well did you take care of yourself and meet your needs?

We’re good at looking after others and meeting expectations. We tend to our children, put in the extra hours at work, fill in our volunteer hours, and run a side hustle, and then wonder why we’re so tire at the end of each week! Taking time to recharge and really listen to our body is an important lesson that I learned last year. Which is why travelling is one of my goals for 2019, why I’m focusing on those to do items I’ve been putting off, and why I’m emphasizing self-care. Taking care of yourself looks different for everyone – I’m creative and need the freedom and flexibility to express myself and create. I am also an introvert so time alone and quietness and necessary for my sanity! But I also need the right balance of quality time spent with the people I love and those who energize and encourage me. Knowing what caring for yourself looks like can be a bit or trial and error, but chances are you already have a good idea of what refreshes your spirit and gives you the energy to continue giving. The challenge is making the time and setting the priority to invest in yourself, your health, and your dreams. And, it’s not about being selfish, either; you can’t give to others when you’ve got nothing left. It’s about finding that right balance that leads to optimal living!


So, what will you be focusing on this year? Intentions turn into actions when they’re shared!


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