Product Review: Neitra Natural Deodorant

I was quite excited to receive a sample of Neitra’s natural deodorant and decided to share my experience for those of you interested in a natural alternative to the traditional antiperspirant.

Neitra is a Canadian company based in Vancouver with a focus on getting back to good ideas with the ingredients in their products and the packaging tthey use; both being friendly to your body and our planet. Their deodorant contains moisturizing shea butter, anti-bacterial & anti-fungal coconut oil, organic calendula, and 100% pure essential oils. It is available in two sizes, 30g and 60g, with the 60g size normally lasting 3-4 months.

First of all, because this is not your typical antiperspirant, the deodorant comes in tub and is a firm paste that needs to be scooped out and applied to your underarms with your fingers. The massaging actual helps to stimulate your lymphatic system and the formula allows your body to breathe and release toxins rather than trapping them as with an antiperspirant.

So, is natural better? Does it perform as well as antiperspirant? Here’s what I found…

The deodorant was lovely! I really enjoyed trying it. I chose the Tea Tree Peppermint scent, which was pleasant and invigorating. It’s a bit of a different process applying a paste, but it’s easy to adjust to. The only thing I did notice was that it did get a little crumbly during application. Not significantly – actually, the paste formed a nice, smooth texture quickly – but enough that I sometimes got it on my clothes. And, like with most antiperspirants, there is the risk of “white marks” on your clothing.

I was also pleased with how well the deodorant held up thoughout the day. Unlike with an antiperspirant, I did notice some sweating on days when I was really working hard or working out, but I was impressed nonetheless.

I would definitely recommend this product. Overall, I was very pleased with how the deodorant performed, the smell, and the texture. If you’re interested to try out Neitra’s deodorant or other products, visit them at


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