Wedding Planning: The Theme & Decor

How you style your day should reflect you as a couple, your interests, and values. Allow your story and venue to guide the theme and decor you choose as you craft a unique and personalized visual experience.


1. Collect inspiration

Create a Pinterest board or tangible mood board that curates inspiration from a variety of sources, not just wedding-related. Think about your favourite books, a favourite destination, wallpaper samples, natural textures, go-to outfit, interior design photos.

2. Curate

Eliminate what doesn’t suit your chosen venue and the locale of your wedding to maintain authenticity. You should be left with a cohesive mix of textures, elements, and coordinating colours that will form the foundation of your decor and design. What doesn’t make the cut for your wedding can always be re-purposed for a shower, your new home, or an upcoming party.

Once you’ve curated your mood, stop looking at inspiration to avoid getting side-tracked and losing time waffling back and forth between ideas. You need to be decisive and focused to keep your wedding vibe in tact!

3. Source

Once you’ve narrowed down the colour palette, elements, and textures that will create you wedding vibe, it’s time to source the specific items. Start with finding rentals, as they are the most limited and restricted element that also contributes the most to your overall feel. Nail your linens, chairs, tables, cutlery, and any other items you’ll need to rent. Next, fill in the decor with elements and details that coordinate with and complement your rentals and venue to complete the look.


The same steps apply if you’ve already settled on a theme for your wedding. To avoid it becoming too thematic, however, deconstruct the elements of the theme and use them in different ways that allude to your theme and give your wedding a distinct feel without making it seem too literal. For example, if you love the idea of a princess wedding, avoid using Disney characters and cartoon elements. Focus instead on the details like glitter and sparkly textures, luxe fabrics and linens, and fancy rentals like chandeliers and lucite chairs. Make guests feel like they’ve stepped into a socialite ball – not a cartoon set.


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