Weekend Wanderings: Fleurs de Villes

Imagine there was a flower fairy that sneaked into a city at night, depositing floral arrangements and beautiful displays with a wave of her wand to transform the urbanscape into a floralscape. But I have a secret – there is such a fairy…and it’s called Fleurs de Villes!

Fleurs de Villes combines the love of flowers, local design talent, and bespoke, utterly unique displays, for experiential events like none other.

Our name speaks to that – Fleurs de Villes – flowers of the cities. Connecting with each city we launch in, we work with top local florists, designers, growers and nurseries, to showcase that city’s world-class talent and create stunning displays of art. Fleurs de Villes not only showcases artful flower displays, we create engagement – with audiences viewing our events, and with the partners who support us, from leading sponsor brands to local and national media, as well as community-based groups.

We believe in the power of partnerships and the amplification of messaging that comes when audiences have an experience of the senses.Our team of highly professional individuals is dedicated to ensuring every touch-point is on brand to deliver an event experience people will be talking about – and sharing – for a long time to come.We look forward to growing our network of talent and unique event programs world-wide.

– Fleurs de Villes

I was first introduced to FDV in planning my trip to Vancouver this summer. I happened to arrive the same week that FDV ROSÉ (a floral celebration in support of breast cancer research) was happening, so I was excited and intrigued to check out the show.

It’s hard to describe the delight of turning a corner to see a fountain dripping in roses or to look up and spot bouquets wrapped around tree branches. There were statues outfitted in floral dresses, hairpieces, and shoes. Florals adorned the railings and entrances of restaurants. Butterflies in a kaleidoscope of colours floated in the air. Flowers and greenery trailed down stairways and around signs. It was fascinating to see the beautifully creative ways that flowers were used to bring a different vibe to the downtown core.

The colours were so beautiful, so perfect, and the flowers looked amazing in spite of being on display for a few days by the time I arrived. And yes, they were real!

Needless to say, when I learned that FDV was coming to Toronto’s Bloor-Yorkville district in August I had to pop by to see. And they didn’t disappoint! Although the tour seemed less extensive and more contained than in Vancouver, I thoroughly enjoyed the experience. I especially appreciated how, although the same colour scheme was incorporated, the installations were reimagined in fresh designs and different setups. It was both familiar and new to see “ladies” in floral skirts sitting atop building entrances, arches with flowers, fruit, and greenery cascading from above, and pops of colour tucked in and around the district. Some of my favourite installations included a red telephone booth filled with flowers, an adorable VW Camper decked out in floral arrangements, and the flowers around Pink Tartan’s pink door.

This time, I came across the flower market where ready-made bouquets and DIY arrangements were available for sale. It was almost like a little piece of a Parisienne flower market found its way to the streets of Toronto! There were a variety of unique and classic flowers to choose from, and with donations and proceeds going toward supporting breast cancer research, it was hard to resist bringing something home. Needless to say, FDV made an otherwise ordinary weekend into a memorable experience.

If you’re interested in checking out a Fleurs de Villes event, upcoming dates are listed on their website. You can also see photos from past events in the photo galleries section. And be sure to follow FDV on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

– Katrina Elise

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