Words & Wisdom: Mother’s Day Edition

In light of Mother’s Day this Sunday, I began thinking of “pearls of wisdom” and other favourite phrases that my mother used to/still does say. Perhaps your mother always had a saying for everything, or something that she just liked to repeat. Here are some that I heard/hear regularly:


Did you/I unplug the flat iron/iron/curling iron?

(I must hear this one on a weekly or at least bi-weekly basis.)

If you can’t say something nice, don’t say nothin’ at all.

(This one is inspired by “Bambi”, but a I’m sure you’ve heard a variation of some sort before!)

Life isn’t fair.

(Well, this might be true, but in my experience it’s often been said by someone who’s purposely making it unfair, by showing favouritism, for example.)

Because I said so, that’s why.

(Famous mom-words…)

Onions clean your blood.

(Still not sure if there’s any scientific truth to this statement, and, quite honestly, “it’s good for you” sounds like a much more compelling answer as to why I should eat my onions!)

Patience is a virtue.

(She wouldn’t be mom without having this one in her vocabulary.)

Grumpy is a choice.

(There are no excuses with my mom!)


Maybe you recognize some of these phrases. Share some of your favourite “mom quotes” in the comment section below … as well as ones you’ve caught yourself repeating! 🙂


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